There’s no crueler critic than a harsh internal critical voice.

Every negative message or comment directed towards us early in our lives we internalize and these messages become part of our beliefs. Messages that tell us we’re not good enough, not capable, become part of our internal dialogue. Once we have this belief system in place, these messages can be challenging to remove or re-frame, but it’s not impossible. An inner critical voice is a self-destructive stream of thinking inside our minds that always seeks to undercut our happiness and ruin our success.

It’s not our true thoughts, but a false reflection of our worst fears. Our internal dialogue can be transformed and these old paradigms can be shut down and new neurological pathways created. It takes some work and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s like a muscle the more we exercise and use new thoughts the stronger the patterns and behaviors become.

Always remember your inner critical voice is not telling you facts. It’s not congruent with reality at all, and there are many ways to shut that voice down. Consider the following steps on your path to shedding an inner critical voice.



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