Egyptian Emotional Clearing

What is Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique?

This gentle yet powerful technique uses Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils and other bodywork techniques to promote a deep and sacred state of connection.

Based on an ancient Egyptian ritual described in the Temple of Isis for “cleansing of the spirit”, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is performed in silence.

The receiver is anointed with 13 different emotional blends of essential oil. The deeply relaxing effects of these essential oils and bodywork carry you into a blissful state of “presence”. At the same time, the beautiful aroma of these essential oils will stimulate memories and emotions, carrying you wherever you need to go in order to reach a state of clarity and understanding.

The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique can be used on its own, or to empower any other modality you use (including Reiki )

I’ve had profound shifts occur during this technique. Give yourself a huge blessing and experience this amazing technique!

A  POWERFUL tool for Transformation

As a form of emotional clearing technique, the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is special in its ability to help you:

The essential oil blends used in EECT help to deeply relax and rejuvenate the physical body. Recipients often find that their breathing transitions from a chest breath, to a deep and relaxed abdominal breath.

The essential oils used in EECT have a unique ability to access the limbic region of the brain, where emotions and memory are stored. Many recipients find themselves gently recognising, embracing, releasing and transforming emotions.

Because the limbic region of the brain is also responsible for spiritual connection, some recipients report profound spiritual experiences and awareness during EECT, allowing them to address unhealed aspects of their life’s journey, and reconnect with their inner truth and personal power.

The powerful effects of the essential oils combine with the sacredness and beauty of the ritual, providing the recipient with the opportunity for self-healing on all levels.

Receiving the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique brings a welcome respite from our lifestyle of high stress and brings about a gentle re-connection on a deep inner level.


Why does the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique work?

Did you know that your sense of smell accesses the limbic system of your brain, where emotional memories and trauma is stored? Because of their aroma, therapeutic-grade essential oils exert a powerful balancing effect on the emotions. The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique uses this concept and combines it with an ancient Egyptian ritual for elevating the Spirit.

The most common outcomes to this technique are an intense state of clarity around current issues, the gentle release of issues that are causing emotional and physical challenges, and feelings of emotional bliss and heightened awareness.

Duration: Allow 2 hours

Rate: $120